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Bintulu - The place where nature touches human life

Council Negri MonumentThe capital city of Bintulu district is Bintulu, a town near the coasts. If you are planning a holiday with your family and friends Bintulu is a destination that will make your holidays both special and memorable. This is a beautiful coastal town of Bintulu division of Sarawak in the exquisite country of Malaysia. This town has a total population of 200,000 people according to 2010 census. As far as the urbanization is concern it is the fourth largest urban area in Sarawak. Malaysia is a country famous for its beautiful scenic destinations. Bintulu has one of the famous tourist spots in Malaysia.

Bintulu is approximately 650 kilometres from Kuching and 215 kilometres from miri or sibu. The fourth largest town of Sarawak, Bintulu comes after kuching, miri and sibu cities as far as area comes under consideration. The people of this town are mostly Segaan, Kayan, Kenyah, Melanau, Iban, Chinese and Punan. These are the local people who have a permanent residence in the town of Bintulu. There are a large number of people who live here for the sake of their work. People belonging from Indonesia, Australia, Britain, Italy, Norway, migrate to this town of Bintulu searching for jobs. The largest number group of voters belong from the Iban group here.

How to reach Bintulu (Transport links)
Bintulu is easily accessible through air and road. The major towns in Sarawak are connected to bintulu by the Pan-Borneo highway. The airport of the town is almost 5.5 kilometres south west from the town. The airport of Bintulu is capable of handling aircraft of the size of a Boeing 747. These few details about, how to reach Bintulu are essential to keep in mind before planning a holiday there. The modern Bintulu airport which is constructed recently is larger than the previous airport. There are only a few airlines that provide services in Bintulu. You can easily get air tickets for you and your family to Bintulu from any good travel agent. There are daily flights that travel to Bintulu airport. One has to travel to Kuala Lumpur and take a direct flight for Bintulu from there. The flights are comfortable and will make you reach your holiday destination in no time.

If one wishes to travel by land then there are various options for them too. The Pan-Borneo highway connects Bintulu and the major city of Sarawak. There are express buses that will take you to Bintulu comfortably within a few hours from Sarawak. The express bus service is also a cheap means of transport to Bintulu. The name of the central bus station for all the city buses is Jaya bus station. Bintulu also has the luxury intercity buses that cover some parts of the town as well. These intercity buses provide a comfortable ride through the town.

Places to stay (Accommodation in Bintulu )
There are a number of hotels in the town of Bintulu which will ensure comfortable stay at Bintulu for you and your family. You can choose from the large luxury hotels to not so costly hotels depending upon your budget. There are newly opened hotels which are cheap but provide comfortable stay for you and your family. Some luxurious hotels have shopping malls attached to them. So you family does not have to wander around the town shops looking for gifts to take back home. Just take a stroll to the nearby hotel shopping mall and you will find everything that you need in them.
The main attractions of Bintulu

There are many places that you can see in the town of Bintulu. The town itself is filled with natural attractions that one does miss in a city. From the moment you place your foot in the town of Bintulu, you will be mesmerised by the natural beauty of the place. There are a few places in Bintulu that are a must see for you.

Kampung Jepak
Kampung Jepak, a traditional village of the Fishermans. The place is mostly inhabited by the Melanaus group of people. The place is outside the town of Bintulu and one has to travel to the main town of Bintulu, Tambang and take a bus to this traditional village of Kampung Jepak. The main attraction of the place lies in the fact that the people there still use old traditional ways of fishing. After catching a fish it undergoes various processing. All these are done in the old traditional style by the Kampung Jepak fishermen. The people are so close to mother earth here and they are not ready to change their natural way of livelihood according to the changing time.

Council negri monument
The first legislative assembly meeting of Sarawak was held in Bintulu in 1857. The new conducts in the affairs of state were decided by the members of the assembly headed by the second white Rajah of Sarawak here. A centenary stone was erected here as a memory of the historical meeting, in the year 1967. In 1987 a clock tower and a fountain were built near the monument to beautify it.

Kuan Ying Tong Temple
Located at a distance of two kilometres from the town of Bintulu this is the only Chinese temple of the area. The Kuan Ying Tong Temple is located in Jalan Iskandar. The temple is in between three churches, Methodist Church, St.Thomas Anglican church and St.Anthony Catholic church.  The unique features of the place are its rock garden courtyard, a waterfall that is man-made. The dragon fencing is also a beautiful thing to see at the Kuan Ying Tong Temple.

Tanjung Batu Beach
The Tanjung Batu Beach is a must see for the beach lovers. The beach is in the city of Bintulu. The main feature that attracts the most number of tourists in it is the fact that it is a rock beach and also a sandy beach. The sandy beach and the rock beach are situated side by side in Tanjung Batu Beach.

Bintutu is an ideal place for your family holiday trip as it is a place where one can find nature in its raw form, touching the lives of humans. A trip to Bintulu for spending your holidays is a thing you will never regret.