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People from all across the world are showing interest to select the best kind of destinations in order to spend their vacations. One can easily find out the best kind of places in the entire globe and which promises for perfect kind of entertainment and memory.  Bintulu is one such destination and which has now days become the main hotspot destination for visitors from all across the globe. The main Bintulu is partial riverine and coastal town. This belongs to the Bintulu division for Sarawak, Malaysia. There are lots of the best thin

gs to be explored in this particular place. Since most of the town is well surrounded by good water bodies, visitors can easily find perfect destinations. The tourist development authority is trying to make Bintulu a best demanding tourist destination. The food items present in Bintulu are really unique and which will definitely make the tourists to fall on their knees. The extra ordinary delicious kinds of dishes are the most attractive one.

There are large numbers of hang outs present in Bintulu and which facilitates good kind of food items. People trying to have Chinese food can also have in many restaurants. Fishing is also considered as one of the best hobbies in Bintulu and one can mostly found best kind of fish dishes. The mouth watering fish dishes are world famous. Belachan is one of the best kinds of popular food that is present in Bintulu. Visitors visiting to Bintulu make sure to have a taste of the Belachan.  Most of the Bintulu traditional cuisines are cooked with the use of the Balachan. The method of preparing Belachan is very simple and it is mainly prepared from the salt solution and sun dried shrimp.

This particular ingredient is very important for many of the food items such as Nasi Goreng Belachan, Mee Hoon Belachan, Midin Belachan and Laksa Sarawak. The Cincaluk is one of the fermented kinds of shrimp paste and which is having great taste. People residing in Bintulu are well known about the use of such ingredients. Visitors coming from abroad find this paste as very interesting. These are mainly used in various kinds of food items. The Cincaluk is very pure as there is no other kind of additives added in it.

The visitors need to explore the various kinds of food items in Bintulu. There are many kinds of dishes and which are available in various restaurants. One needs to notice the traditional kind of food items and which are not available in other countries. Some visitors really find the food of Bintulu as interesting and hence visit restaurants to restaurants in order to explore each and every dish. Sagu is a kind of tree and which is Sagu flour is very much popular in Bintulu.  It is mainly extracted from the trunk of the Sagu tree. It is a very traditional approach and which can be still seen in this place. The same Sagu flour is used as the main ingredient to prepare Sagu biscuits, Tebaloi, Linut, Biji Sagu and many more. All the products prepared from the Sagu are mostly dry.

Seribu Bintang restaurant
There are lots of best restaurants, which cover all types of food items from all across the globe. The Seribu Bintang restaurant is one of the famous kinds of restaurant in Bintulu. This is one of the most demanded places, where people can easily savour Maly, Chinese, Indian and other kind of Indonesian food items. The wide range of food items available in this restaurant make it as best spot for visitors.

There are some local food items and which can be easily found in almost all restaurants. One of the most important kinds of food item is Brocoli along with Sea Asparagus. This is one of food item and which is in high demand. The sea cucumber soup is another kind of best dish that is getting good reviews from the visitors. Fish are used in wide number of dishes. One can easily notice huge number of fish items. Since Bintulu is in touch with river as well as sea water, the availability of both fresh as well as sea fishes are more. This makes the fish dishes according to the variety.

Popular Corner Food Center
Deep fried fish or steam fish is one of the best dishes and that is taken with good varieties of sauce. There are other kind of food items present such Bryani, Nan, Kerabu, Claypot, Umai, Mussel, Burung Puyuh and many other. There are various best destinations like Popular Corner Food Center, where people can sit and enjoy their dishes with utmost satisfaction. This is a very common kind of scene, which can be easily seen during evening time.

Chiems Restoran Nelayan restaurant
The Chiems Restoran Nelayan is other kind of food destination, which serves some of the unique kind of food dishes. The best kind of dishes includes Kangkung with Belecan sauce, Ikan Sebelah Masak, fried chicken and others. Nasi Beriani and Nasi Kandar are some of the best kind dishes, which can be found in the Famous Mama restaurant. This restaurant is well known for this kind of dish.

Nasi Lemak Kidurong
The Nasi Lemak Kidurong is most popular restaurant and which mainly serve Nasi Lemak as their main dish. Nasi Ayam is one of the most favorite local dishes and which is enough to make the water watery. Nasi Campur is other kind of dish and which is very cheap available in this particular restaurant. The Roti Sardin and Roti Canai is one of the best dishes and which can be found in Refah corner. This is one of the best restaurants in Bintulu. The bread that is used is thicker along with the filling. Mee Jawa is one best dish and which attract more number of visitors towards it. There are some best Malaysian cuisines and which are very expensive.
There is a long list of the best food dishes in Bintulu and the restaurants are creating good business from the visitors. This is one of the most interesting facts about Bintulu.

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