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Taman TumbinaBintulu is a partly coastal-river town situated in Sarawak.  It is a commercial center with a population to almost 200,000 inhabitants. An industrial centerwith energy captivating industries, its town is home to companies such as Petronas, Bintulu Development Authority and many others. The government is trying to promote tourism since it is a transit stop for many travellers. The Shell Middle Distillate Synthesis plant is also trying to put up a plant in the area nearby.

Sir James Brooke was an English Adventurer who became the First Raja of Sarawak.  During 1861, it was a part of Brunei.  Previously a fishermen village with few Chinese shops, Bintulu gradually discovered it’s potential in 1978. The state government started investing money in the industries; coordinating and promoting the development happening in the area.

Bintulu started developing from a fisherman village to an advance industrial town.  From 70,000 people in the early 70’s it has reached to 200,00. It is preparing itself to become an industrial town by 2020. Bintulu is the capital of Bintulu division and can be divided into few areas like Tanjung Kiduruong, Kemena, Bintulu town center, Jepak and Medan Jaya& Medan Medan Sentral.

Tanjung Kidurong is known as the industrial zone of Bintulu. The PETRONAS, Bintulu Port, SMDS and various other factories are found in this area.  Housing estates, schools and golf courses are also found here. Kemena is an industrial zone but the main concentration is on timber and plywood industries. Famous wood and timber factories put their industries in this area for more production and easy shipment reasons.

Bintulu Town Centre is the trading activity center of Bintulu. Shoppers of fruits, various daily needs, seafood can be found here. It is always busy and crowded. This commercial center of Bintulu also contains malls like ParkCity, Everly Hotel and others. Jepak is a famous fisherman village that has extended itself towards the town center of Bintulu opposite the Kemena River. It also has government offices like the Marine Police.

Medan Jaya and Medan Sentral is a crowded township that has the busiest shopping malls of Bintulu. Some of them are Farley Markey, MDS market and others. Although Bintulu is an industrial town, there are many places to see in this beautiful commercial hub of Malaysia like Kampung Jepak, Council Negri Movement, Pasar Malam and many others.

Kampung Jepak is an old village where Bintulus and Malays inhabit. It is not very far away from Bintulu but tourists could be mesmerized by the culture and traditions of the village. The lifestyle of old Bintulu can be easily seen here such as fish drying, pasting of shrimps, processing of sago worms and others. When Charles Brooke became the First Rajah of Sarawak, not many council of members were present to look after the State. A memorial stone was erected in 1967 along with a clock tower and a fountain. These monuments can seen by visitors in the Bintulu town.

Pasar Utama is a local market frequently visited by tourists. Traditional items such as tropical fruits, shrimps, pork, cincaluk and other vegetables can be found at a reasonable price here. Handicrafts, pants, cigarettes and other liquor items can also be easily found in these local markets. Masjid Assyakirin meaning greatness is main center of religious action for Muslims. It is the biggest mosque in Bintulu and the only mosque maintained by BD, that is a municipal authority.

Kuan Ying Yong Temple is near Jalan Iskandar and is surrounded by churches namely; St. Thomas Anglican Church, Methodist and St. Anthony Catholic Church. It has a rock garden and dragon fencing. Man-made waterfall is also one of its unique features. Tanjung Batu Beach, also known as Rocky Isthumus where the localities stroll and take their sun tan during the summers. It is excellent for jogging and exercising.

Taman Tumbina is the zoo house to various species such as crocodiles, pythons and various others. It is one of its kinds in the northern region of Sarawak.  Jungle trekking and hill climbing is very famous in this area. Similajau National Park is almost golden in color and has mangroves. It is truly known as the ‘Golden Beach’. Bintulu Promenade is a recreational park near the Kemena River and the hotel Park City. It is the best place for relaxation and has a beautiful waterfront. People often come here to enjoy their evening and have the lovely breeze.

There are various recreational things tourists can do at Bintulu like golfing, fishing. The Nightlife entertainment is also very popular here. Ardent golfers love playing across pine trees and the rocky beach. The Bintulu Golf Course is a famous one among the tourists. Since, seafood is a specialty here fishing becomes a tourist sport. Most go up to the freshwater or the Tubau River for fishing. Crocodiles can be dangerous sometimes for fishing.

Since many expatriates have shifted to Bintulu, the nightlife entertainment has grown tremendously. Pubs, Discos and Karaoke Bars are quite common in Bintulu. But it is unfortunate that, it also led to the growth of prostitution and illegal gangs. Bintulu is a growing city. It is attracting many investors toward it since big energy intensive industries like Shell and PETRONAS have made its home here. Aluminum plants are also planning to set up plants in Bintulu. It is said that almost 30,000 jobs will flood Bintulu.

As Bintulu is a city with many expatriates, various academic institutions have set up their branches here. Some of them are Universiti Putra Malaysia, Institut Kemahrian Mara, Advanced Technology College and many others. These provide courses to not only localities but also to foreign students too. Bintulu has a varied food cuisine that tourists can have a look at.

Belachan contains shrimps with salt solution. Sarwakans love Belachan and normally cook it in their own style. They even mix it with Nasi Goreng, Midin and Mee Hoon. Cincaluk, also known as ‘shrimpy juice’, is eaten by people who do not like stinky food.  No colors or preservatives are normally put in this dish

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